How to add a Financials Ticker to your website



You've seen them before.  A small ticker-tape window on a financial advisor's website that shows an overview of current stock information and what is happening in the market.  This set of instructions will help you to select a financials ticker and add it to your website.  And they are FREE!

      Don't get sucked in by a websites that sell stock ticker software for your website!
      (unless there is a feature that you need which is not handled by the options below)


Also known as...

  • Financials Chart
  • Stock Ticker/Gadget/Control/Widget
  • Stock Market Line Graph
  • Real-Time Market Streamer/Window/Panel



There are many sources for Financial Ticker web parts to add to your website.  here are the popular ones, a little info about each, and a set of examples.


Yahoo  At Yahoo they are called 'badges'.  The link to their 'how-to' page is  
NASDAQ Ticker-4b Sample
Google Financial Although Google Financial provides free stock charts to google members and an interface that allows website programmers to access up-to-date stock information, we have not found a chart (or widget) provided by Google to be included on a website.  Many charts/widgets provided by other companies seems to use Google Financial as their source.   


Once you select an option, you should be able to find instructions from the links provided above to include the Financials Ticker on your website.  If you would like some professional assistance, don't hesitate to contact us!  We'd love to help!



  • Do I need to program my own javascript or API (Application Programmers Interface)?  No!  Just copy and paste the provided source code from your selected option into your website HTML.  (or contact us to help you accomplish this task!)





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